Starward Planning

Step 1 – Planning

From the time you purchase your home and sign off on any structural changes to when we are ready for your Personalized Design Consulting experience, many months can pass. This is a great time to be inspired, to research, create and collect ideas of your favourite, colours, textures and finish options. During this time, come visit our Design Studio during previewing hours to get ideas that help you best visualize what your perfect home will look like and decide what best works with your personal taste and budget in mind.   You will also be contacted to attend a Home Orientation meeting. It’s at this meeting that you’ll learn how to look after all the key aspects of your home.

Starward Select

Step 2 – Select

We will contact you to schedule your professional Design Consultation appointment. It’s at this time where our professional consultant will work with you closely to help you create a home personalized for you and your family and where you’ll discuss the options that best reflect your personal needs. Once your final selections are made and final sign off is given we will proceed with production, making sure your standard and upgraded features and finishes are ordered, scheduled and coordinated for installation.

*The time of your design appointment and the number of appointments you have is determined specifically by the location and type of home/suite purchased and you will be notified of these specifics at the time you sign your Purchase & Sale Agreement.

Starward Enjoy

Step 3 – Enjoy

Prior to closing, a Starward homes representative will accompany you on two visits – the first will be your PDO (pre-drywall orientation) where you will inspect the ‘bones’ of the house and check to ensure heating, electrical, cable and plumbing are according to your purchase/design plans and the second will be your PDI (pre-delivery inspection) to view your completed home including the exceptional features and finishes. You are finally done and it’s time to move in and ENJOY!