The decision to buy a home is exciting! To have the best experience possible, consider the following:

What can you afford?
Shopping for homes that are beyond your budget can only lead to frustration and disappointment. Best bet? Get a pre-approved mortgage before you start along with a forecasted monthly budget range that includes a sound estimate of your taxes, utilities & household expenses. In addition, make sure you budget in the must have upgrades – signature design extras like a fabulous stand-alone tub or an outstanding fireplace centerpiece – that will have you falling in love with your home every day. Add these together for a realistic price range to start your search.

What is your time horizon?
Do you need to consider whether you’re having children or is this a short term launchpad into something different, bigger? What about family and friends – will they be visiting and staying over and if so, for how long? These considerations can make the difference in what size of home you are searching for.

Distance from work?
Where you work and how much time you’re willing to spend getting there will help you decide the best place to buy.

Sports, community services, schools, daycare?
What is the quality and availability of these and how important are they to you? Do your research now rather than be frustrated down the road.

Is date night weekly or every 6 months? Do you like to try new restaurants or rather eat at home? Are movies your thing and if so, where is the theatre? When do you go shopping and what do you like to buy? Considering these lifestyle choices in advance can help turn your new home into your dream home experience.

How much time do you want to spend maintaining your home?
The bigger you go, the more maintenance you’ll have.



The best part of buying a new home? Personalizing it!

With all the choices available to you, this can be intimidating.

Our Design Team will walk you through every step, ensuring that you have both an amazing experience and a home you’ll LOVE.

Just before you get your keys.

You’ll be asked to attend two pre-delivery meetings.

The first is your drywall inspection where you will inspect the ‘bones’ of the house and check to ensure heating, electrical, cable and plumbing are according to your purchase/design plans.

The second is your Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI) to view your completed home.

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Today’s the day.

As the last step in taking ownership, this is the day you’ll handle the paperwork, pay taxes, fees and other closing costs…and get your keys!

Some VITAL information you’ll want to organize before you move in:

  • Hire a real estate lawyer to handle the closing, which includes preparing paperwork, providing a statement of adjustments, liaison with the bank and developer & register your new home.
  • Ensure you have the Closing Costs – fees, taxes and administrative expenses – as they’re not covered by your deposit cheque or installments that you may have made.
  • Arrange for home insurance
  • Arrange for your utilities (gas, water, hydro etc.)
  • Pack and have a plan to move your belongings
  • Book an elevator (if you’re moving into a condo)

During your Home Orientation Event you may have received information specific to utility companies, internet providers, moving companies etc. If you need further information about local providers, our Customer Care team is ready to help.


As a New Starward home owner you’re protected by Tarion, the regulator of the new home building industry in Ontario.

At Starward, our Expert Customer Care Consultant will guide you through the Warranty Process.

The joy of Home Ownership comes with the responsibility of homeownership.

Protect both your joy and your investment by ensuring it is seasonally maintained so that it runs smoothly and continues to look beautiful.