Have you been skeptical about the new home buying process? Let us ease your mind by busting some of the most popular myths about new homes.

1. It’s cheaper to renovate an existing house.

Older homes may look easy to renovate with a walk-through, but you won’t really know the extent of the wear-and-tear until you get down to its bones. At that point, you will be too far in to turn around, and yes it will be more expensive than had you bought a new home! Although deposit structures and down payments may be higher on new homes, you are rewarded for the time your money spends sitting with the builder in property value when the home is complete.

2. They take too long to build.

As long as your entire home is not customized to the nines, new homes are relatively quick to build! If the builder is building yours on its own, it could be complete as quickly as 8 months. However, if the builder is completing a whole block at the same time, you may be looking at a year to a year and a half, depending on the size of the block. New homes are worth the wait! They give you time to purge unnecessary belongings before the move, and plan the décor within your new home.

3. All builders build the same new products

Different builders use different standard home layouts, as well as different materials and building processes. Do your research! Find the one with values and visions that most match your own. By meeting their staff, looking at their past projects, and even talking to homeowners of their builds, you can get a clear sense of the builder you’d like to work with.

4. Most builders use cheap materials on new homes

The principle is the same in home buying as it is in every consumption avenue – you get what you pay for. Look into the price of your new home and what you are getting for its cost. Read up on your features and finishes included in the home. Ask for upgrades when you believe you have room to improve. Builders’ reputations stand on the quality of their homes. Cheap and short-term materials are not going to help them in the long run, so generally you can trust in the product they are building for you.

5. It’s difficult to envision your space because you can’t see the house

Drive by during construction anytime! And even before that, study your floorplans and 3D renderings provided by the builder. Today’s technology allows 3D renderings to be more realistic than ever, even allowing you to customize colour palettes and design options within the space to see how they will feel when really installed. Draw furniture on your floorplans. Look at similar homes the builder has built in the past. Use these features accessible to you and you will be confident in the arrival of your new home!

6. Your home will look the same as the others in the developed area

Builders aim to make their new home developments recognizable and yet unique. Each home will have features that distinguish it from its neighbours, and yet the community will have a warm and welcoming familiar feel. With the interiors, purchasers have the option to select design elements of their choice, making tasteful and different home experiences from their neighbours.