2021 Women of distinction awards

Women of Distinction – The Courage of Covid In years past, the YWCA Women of Distinction awards has recognized many outstanding women and organizations who’ve been committed to the development of other women and the overall improvement of the community. The awards have sought to recognize women who have been role models, who’ve been [...]

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What Makes a New Home More Efficient

As we mentioned in Start Fresh, Buy New, one of the benefits of buying a newly-constructed home is the fact that this new home is probably filled with the hottest construction products, saving you time and money on upgrades and renovations. You’re probably wondering what you should expect in terms of the newest products? Well look [...]

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Start Fresh, Buy New – The benefits of newly purchased homes

In 2017 in Ontario alone, over 79,000 homes began the ground-breaking process. Compared to past years, this was a 25.1% increase in new home and condominium construction. Why is the demand for new homes expanding this rapidly? What are the benefits of these newly purchased homes? “New homes” can be divided in to two [...]

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