Scenic Trails Closings

Fall is a time for new beginnings!

Scenic Trails, our 4-storey mid-rise luxury condo building on the Hamilton West Mountain began closings this past September and have moved in many of our new homeowners on floors 1 and 2; although we’ve had some setbacks, we’re expecting to have all of our homeowners in by the end of February 2021, just in time to enjoy a winter wonderland offered on the Escarpment.

We’re proud of our team and our homeowners in the face of such unusual times. Not unlike all companies, Starward out of necessity became very nimble with change and innovation to handle the COVID impact to ensure our homeowners could move in as quickly – and safely – as possible.

Covid’s Impact

The dynamic of new construction had to change dramatically over the last 8 months as social distancing became the new norm on construction sites – meetings once held frequently with a large consultant team around a board table have now been held monthly outside, daily construction meetings with each trade have now been held individually instead of in conference and the jobsite has changed physically to protect the workers committed to getting these homes built.

In addition to worksite changes, the timely delivery of supplies was also impacted – many manufacturers shut their facilities due to active COVID outbreaks, both to protect their workers and in some cases to shift production to much needed PPE and supplies needed to fight COVID. Availability of trades, and the need to space them out has also had a major impact on the pace of work while building Scenic.

We are now in the completion phase of the suites and are busy working with homeowners, providing info on keeping them safe amid the final phase of construction and to practice social distancing where needed.

Amid this new backdrop, we’ve stayed focused on what our new homeowners need most – solutions to each unique situation while driving the completion of the building quickly and smoothly without sacrificing quality and craftsmanship.