Tips & Tricks to help your new sod thrive!

It’s exciting to move into your new home, especially when freshly laid sod is put down and you now have a beautiful yard to relax in.

However, lawns don’t look after themselves. Want to give yours the best chance possible to not just survive but thrive?

Here’s some of the best tips & tricks to make sure your lawn is beautiful all summer long!

Tip #1: Watering Schedules that Work

When the sod is first laid, it should be watered continuously for three days.  During the first month, we recommend that you minimize use on sodded areas:  especially drainage related areas such as side swales to prevent ponding caused by footprints, etc.  After the initial three day “soaking” period, your lawn should be watered for about two hours a day in the morning or evening for approximately two weeks.  Please avoid over-watering your lawn because saturation of sod can be just as deadly as lack of water.  In most cases sod that appears to have died just after being laid should recover if properly maintained.

Water Guage Tips:

  • 1

    Water within the first 15 minutes of installation on Day 1 of getting your new sod.

  • 2

    To gauge watering, simply place an empty can about 6’ away from your sprinkler. When there is an inch of water in the can, it is time to move the sprinkler to the next area

  • 3

    Reflected heat along buildings dries sod quickly, be sure to water such areas more often.

  • 4

    Check wind patterns to be sure the desired area is in fact being watered.

  • 5

    Avoid watering in the hot sun; it’s better to wait until the early evening or early morning.  Watering during the day creates a shallow root system and makes the lawn susceptible to burning.  If days are above 28 degrees Celsius, the sod must be watered every day. Please refer to the Watering Calendar on the reverse side.

Tip #2: Cutting & Fertilizing 101

Your lawn should be cut initially 2 to 3 weeks after being laid however it should not be cut too short for the risk of your lawn burning.  No fertilizer should be applied for at least one year. You can fertilize the lawn in the spring and fall of the following year.  Do not over fertilize fresh sod which is already fertilized at the sod farms.  It is best to wait until the following season.

Mowing Tips:

  • 1

    Your new living carpet generally needs mowing 7 days after installation.

  • 2

    The basic mowing rule is never remove more than 1/3 of the leaf blade during a single mowing.

  • 3

    Set your mower at a cutting height of approximately 2 ¼”

  • 4

    For best appearance, keep your mower blades sharp

Tip #3: The dogs, kids and parties will have to wait for a few weeks!

Avoid walking on freshly laid sod.  Because the topsoil underneath is soft from watering – footprints and other damage could result.   To keep your sod looking amazing, it is recommended you re-roll your sod the following Spring.

Lawn Traffic Tips:

  • 1

    Use your new sodded lawn sparingly until good root establishment has taken place – in about 2-3 weeks.

  • 2

    Avoid concentrated play activities, dog traffic or similar rough usage until 4 weeks have passed.

  • 3

    Good news tho! ….There are no restrictions on visually enjoying your new beautiful lawn!