Your new home will be fresh and shiny when you move in – let’s keep it that way! We’ve listed some of the best tips for simple, scheduled maintenance that will keep your new home in good condition as the years go by. Create a checklist of tasks to complete when the seasons change to stay on track. Keep your supplies organized to make the checklist process efficient every time.

1. Inspect exterior paint and caulking
Especially before the winter begins, it’s important to make sure your home is heating and operating as efficiently as possible. When the weather is still clear, inspect the outside paint and caulking on your home and repair the small deficiencies before they become big ones.

2. Inspect interior windows and doors
Look for any small cracks that may do the same thing in the winter – leak cold air in your home. Repair those before the maintenance, and energy bills, increase.

3. Change HVAC filters
While we’re on the topic of heating and cooling, it’s good to get into the habit of replacing the filters in your HVAC system and refrigerator on a seasonal basis.

4. Prepare your lawn and garden for the winter
Before winter begins, ensure any outdoor faucets, hoses and sprinkler systems are shut off and drained for the winter to prevent freezing. Cut your grass and garden one last time before the snow falls. Keeping everything healthy before the harsh weather begins will ensure all is well when it’s time to bloom again in the spring.

5. Clean out your eaves troughs
Don’t let pile up pile up! Clean out those eaves troughs to prevent build up, mold, and water leakage from happening near the roof of your new home. Tip: wear gardening or rubber gloves and use a small plastic spoon or shovel to clear out the debris.

6. Check your fire extinguisher and smoke and carbon monoxide alarms

This is a simple one that can prevent very complicated damages from fire!